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About Voice Acting Online

Voice Acting Online
Your Online Magazine of Articles, Trivia, 
and More Substantial Resources For Voice Acting Artistry

Hello there learner and dreamer!

Welcome to the country’s online magazine of important contents about voice acting and
other related information. 

Whether you’re an eager beginner or a determined pro, learn more useful information to
help you leverage your skills, resources, and networks to your advantage.

This website is not a fluff of unrelated happenings---instead you’re provided with contents
that will take you a step closer to boost your confidence and hone your craft in the abundant
world of voice acting.

The opportunities in this industry, both local and international, are endless.
Therefore, you better maximize them by gaining more knowledge and apply it immediately. 

Your story of success can even be our next feature on this website...
So today, dream, read, learn, and take action!

Voice Acting Online is here with you towards achieving more milestones in your
voice acting career with the essential content you can use!


The Young VoiceMaster

Voice Acting Online is a product of the visions and ideations of different voice acting artists
under the leadership of Philippines’ VoiceMaster, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.
He expressed his interests and fervent wish to make this website into fruition for the
benefit of more Filipino voice acting artists. 

Regardless if they are aspirants, beginners, or already professionals, the VoiceMaster
believes there is a need for a one-stop resource of significant content upholding the
voice acting expertise for these artists. 

He noticed that most content online related to the voice acting industry is leaning towards
the international scenery. Voice Acting Online is focused on catering to the Filipino
freelance voice acting artists' needs and goals. 

This is also an open-source as the VoiceMaster envisions giving more opportunities
and platforms for everyone to contribute their own story, researched facts, and trivia,
and other interesting articles to be featured on the website.

Voice Acting Online is affiliated with other organizations, groups, and companies including
CreatiVoices Productions, VoiceWorx, Voice Acting Academy Philippines,
CreativSounds Studio, Philippine Center for Voice Acting, Voice of the Youth Network,
The Microphone Club, VoiceMasters' League, and so many more

Written by Filipinos or Pinoys at heart, Voice Acting Online ensures every content is curated
for the benefit and need of our fellow Filipino voice acting artists.

Call for contributors

Inviting all interested writers and voice acting artists to share their stories in
Voice Acting Online.

If you want to:
-narrate your own success
-discuss any topic backed up with facts and opinion
-write your own visions and goals for the future as a voice acting artist
-be featured with any interesting content

Then, don’t miss this chance to be one of our contributors to Voice Acting Online! 

Take pride in seeing your name credited in every approved article you submitted.

For article contribution, submit your articles and attach corresponding images
to rj@creativoices.com

Extend your network by working and knowing other voice acting artists in the industry,
even the VoiceMaster himself!

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The VoiceMaster