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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Learning to Act with Emotions through Voice Acting.

Learning to Act with Emotions through Voice Acting.

When people think of voice acting, the images that mostly come up are in dubbing or animation. Most people who enter the industry were inspired to become voice artists so they can become the voice of their favorite characters. How can an aspiring voice actor bridge the gap between the actor and the material? What should I do to act better with emotions?

How to Act with just your voice?

Voice acting is no different from acting. The same principles apply. Like actors in a set or stage, the voice actor takes on the role given to them and brings it to life to the best of their abilities. Just like there are different ways to become an actor, there are various ways to become a voice actor.

We have voice actress Ashley Johnson for example. Before she was the voice of Ellie in the video game “The Last of Us”, she started her career as an actress. She starred in roles like Christine “Chrissy” Seaver in the show “Growing Pains” when she was a child, and as Patterson in the show “Blindspot.” In her case, she used her experience as an actress in voice acting. 

Another approach to voice acting can be seen from the Philippine’s Voice Master Pocholo De Leon Gonzales. He started his career directly into voice acting with no prior acting background. In his case, he learned his craft directly from handling dubbing projects and other voice work. Since his beginning in the industry in the 1990s, he has voiced numerous characters in dubbed dramas and animation. One of the best examples of his voice acting skill is when he voiced the father of Shān Cài in the local dub of the Taiwanese show “Meteor Garden.”

Where to Start?

You may be asking where I should go to learn how to act? Well, there are different ways to learn. Here are just a small list of where you can start learning:

  • Acting Workshops - Acting workshops can teach you the basics of acting. Many theatre houses in the Philippines would offer workshops. It would not hurt to join. You will find the experience to be beneficial and you might make some friends along the way as well. Aside from honing your voice acting skills, you may even learn to act on the stage. PETA and PCCI offer acting workshops for Theatre. You may check their sites to see the schedules of their workshops. 

  • Getting an Acting Degree - Another route you can go is to enroll in an acting degree. There are pros and cons of choosing to learn this way. The pros are that you will get an even deeper understanding and experience in acting. However, the cons are that programs like these are more concerned in the craft, leaving the business side and marketing yourself parts of voice acting out of the way. This path also takes more time than others, as years will be taken before you can finish your degree. If you are still interested, check local universities that offer acting degrees or performing arts degrees.

  • Learning from Voice Actors - Learning from voice actors can help you make your voice acting more believable. Industry professionals have their own techniques that help them to practice their craft better. Learning from them can help save time from getting a degree or a workshop. You will also have a more focused learning style since you will strictly be learning voice acting from them. If you are interested in learning Voice Acting, you can check Creativoices Philippines’ program; Certified Voice Artist Program.

Aside from all of these options, don’t forget to practice. Some voice actors started their careers by merely imitating other voice actors and then developing their own style. What is important is that you remain dedicated to pursuing your craft. 

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