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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Voice Night Out’s Pilot Episode: #PAYDAYFRIDAY

Voice Night Out debuted its pilot last May 15, 2020. Featured guests were Richard “THERICKMATTHEWS” Abalos, Marco Tolentino, and Miss Kat Posada. The episode released coincided with the usual payday, but the discussions were aimed as to what are the consequences to pay for infamy. Trending stories which may be good or bad ones have lessons to learn. Some of those became history through viewers' memes and reaction stories. Most often, these are short-lived entertainment. The people might forget about the craze, but the internet will always remember.

TikTok and the viral trend

Living up to their tagline “Make your Day”, TikTok definitely made more than 800 million users globally on its micro-video platform. Its appeal used lip-syncing, parody videos, short skits, and audio infused filters that entertain for a short period.

In the peak of its popularity, online challenges were just a matter of time. What is its purpose? Of course, that is to entertain, but one can argue that entertainment is subjective. Provocative content attracted both genders which resulted in numerous online sexual harassment. While it isn’t an invitation to assault, the guests argued that users should be prepared for the unwanted reactions they’ll receive for creating such content since every audience is distinct.

This episode opened with how some TikTok challenges can impact negatively on society at large. TikTok videos were not only distributed within its platform but also outside of it; its users' re-distribution of videos on huge sites like Facebook and YouTube proved how uncontrollable this is. Now, the distribution is not the problem, but the lax treatment of privacy policy.  Alarming as it is, minors were allowed to ride on mature and sensual themed challenges and even gets featured on its page, simply because of the number of views. Videos like these are pedophile magnet; perverts can freely upload it on the dark web or even porn sites to enjoy it from.

The modern world is a huge CCTV; everyone has a camera to record anything. It is the trend that leads people to do questionable content. It is also the trend that makes or breaks people. With one video, viewers may “cancel” someone for a mistake. People live for the drama and sensationalize triviality to feel something especially now that most of us are stuck inside due to lockdown.  

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