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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Certified Voice Artist Program WEEK 2: What Happens When You Discover Your Niche

Certified Voice Acting Project - Day 2

What could have been more rewarding than starting your Saturday with a productive online workshop?

That's right The second week of the Certified Voice Artist Program happened on the 27th of June of 2020. As expected, many aspiring voice artists attended the webinar. Most were eager and passionate to gear up toward their dream career - the Voice Acting Industry.

The Voice Master, Pocholo Gonzales, made sure that the event was fruitful from start to finish. Even the assignments of the attendees were polished and made with pure talent. The workshop was heightened by the voice samples from Kristoffer Cruz, Joshua Simeon, Nichols Sayson, and Mary Jepthe. And if it wasn't steering enough, the Voice Master introduced exciting facts about himself and let his students guess the impossible!

Discovering Your Niche

Talking about Voice Acting isn't all about the voice. The Voice Master even quoted, "Ordinary voice talents have the same voices for characters." Hence, when you commit in this art, you must know your niche - What are you good at? What is your expertise? The students learned about the importance of character voices and the different types of voice over projects. They were also thought the right approach to Voice Care as they moved along.

Most of the aspirants recognize themselves aiming for voice over jobs and their different aspects as their niche. To name a few are audio-visual presentation (AVP), educational materials, telephony (IVR), interactive gadgets, and more. However, let's not forget where all these opportunities stem from - Animation and Radio Drama. These are a combination hit from the past.

As ancient as it may sound, the Voice Master said that being in a radio drama requires more effort and is even more challenging to establish. For one, he said, "Human emotions can't be digitized. Technology has no feelings nor emotions." We have heard robots or artificial intelligence (AI) that have tried to evolve to sound more human-like. Think of Siri and Alexa, perhaps.

"A word or sentence is divided into two parts: speech and voice," the man behind a thousand voices added. This online workshop, is indeed molding aspiring Voice Artists to find and nurture their niche. This is essential for them to be fully-equipped once they step out of their comfort zones.

Stepping Out of the Ordinary

The more that Mr. Gonzales encourages his students, the more they can relate to the one big thing – putting themselves out in the real world. Harsh, straight-forward, and hostile. 

The Voice Master made sure that there's no place for mediocrity in his student's performance and mindset. In line with this, the trainees have kick-started their own branding and websites to produce quality projects fast. 

If you think of doing the same thing, don't ever hold back. From what the Voicemaster said, he's got everything in control. Let's learn from what he said , "I will make you all crazy, so you can do things ordinary people cannot do" Isn't that amazing? 

He's like a Genie who can provide you the knowledge you need to get more than ready. Be open-minded, make sure to audition in different projects, have a wide range of experiences, and be BELIEVABLE in proving yourself. 

Our Voice is a Choice

Remember, "Our voice is not just a gift. It's a choice". You have to work on it every day until you master it and create your own kind of character voice. Who knows, you might not just become what you act, but rather, be a creator of more than thousands of voices. Let's see, then!

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