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Monday, May 11, 2020

When Passion Meets Purpose: Putting the Spotlight on Pocholo Gonzales, The VoiceMaster

The man behind a thousand voices, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, really knows how to strike at any given time. Despite being stuck in lockdown and all the hassles associated with the COVID-19 crisis, he just keeps ongoing.  He is really in it to make the most of the time when most of us would probably just be less than productive.  His story is just so different, that while everyone else is simply killing time, Master Pocholo continues to find ways to grow, by discovering new ways to reinvent the things he is passionate about.
What sets Master Pocholo apart from other artists is that he draws so much inspiration from his life experiences, which were instrumental in bringing him to where he is now. Believe me, this man has gone through a lot (that’s something you have to look forward to in my future write-ups), but he has remained unshaken by the many challenges along the way. He strove to be better and better until he became the standard of what it means to be excellent in the voice acting industry, or in any other industry for that matter. And although many would think that he has already achieved enough, his continued passion for mentoring and coaching is a manifestation that his standards for setting new goals have now evolved into something more meaningful and noble.
 Aside from continuing to hone his world-class voice acting talent, it is notable these days he has become more concentrated in mentoring people who see themselves taking the same career path. Even before the lockdown, Master Pocholo has already successfully honed raw talents and helped them find their way up in the industry.  In fact, most of his former students have already landed high profile radio & TV commercials, as well as relevant digital or online projects. Having given life to different characters with his own voice for decades, he has now chosen to tirelessly dedicate his time to strengthen the voices of new artists. They, in turn, are now able to create names for themselves in the voice over and voice acting industries, and are even heard in different parts of the globe, giving more meaning and value to his title “The Man Behind a Thousand Voices”.
Master Pocholo has so much in his bag, having led in different capacities, establishing several businesses, traveling around the globe, writing books, networking with new and relevant contacts, representing the country, and receiving awards.  He uses the knowledge and skills that he has gained with these accomplishments to aspiring artists today.  He firmly believes that a dream comes to life when someone believes in that dream, and that is why he chooses to be someone who helps people believe in the power of their dreams.
He is unstoppable, and not even the lockdown can hinder him from fulfilling his commitment to learning, development, and mentoring. His out-of-the-box yet timely ideas allow him to assemble passionate people from Luzon to Mindanao, to be able to adapt and thrive in this “new normal”. His genius, combined with the commitment of these people, made it possible for Master Pocholo to offer webinars that would significantly help both aspiring and long-time voice-over artists have a breakthrough in the industry.  

In fact, CreatiVoices Productions has successfully organized the “Voice From Home: How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio” last May 1 with Jeffrey Gusayko, CreatiVoices Productions Managing Director and CreativSounds Studios Production Head. This was immediately followed by “The Voice MasterClass: Voice From Home Webinar on Voice Acting” last May 7, where he was joined by no less than Dennis Antenor, considered a powerhouse in the voice-over industry, and currently the Network Creative Manager and the official voice-over of the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) and DZRH respectively.  They were joined by his former students and now mentors in their own right, namely Kathleen Sone of Voice Over Flowers, Dannes Serrano of Jumpstart and the Voice Masters League, and Lilia Annabel Wee, more popularly known as Bee Wee, the official voice-over of CreatiVoices Productions. 
More importantly, he has launched “The Creative Creators Club” during the May 7 webinar, an organization where a select group of young and dedicated voice-over artists can further be honed and provided with both opportunities to make a name for themselves, and a platform where their voices could be used as tools for serving the community as well.  As he helps more and more people find their niche in the industry, more and more relevant, relatable and innovative projects will be generously offered soon.
I write this not to flaunt Master Pocholo’s credentials, but to honor him as a mentor who sees so much value in people. He can always choose to be content with his numerous achievements and just enjoy the fruits of his hard work, but he chooses instead to share his skills, duplicate himself and witness how his life has positively impacted the lives of many, right before his very eyes. This is what happens when passion meets purpose.

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