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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Voice From Home: The Webinar That Transformed Us

This lockdown has disrupted our lives, big time. Worse, we are also told to start getting used to it, for they say that this is now the “new normal”. Though this may sound disturbing at first, it has the potential to help us start with  something new.
 Webinars for example, have sprouted left and right ever since we have been under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). I happened to see an announcement for one on my Facebook newsfeed for a free webinar on “Voice from Home: Discover New Modern Techniques to Home Recording Studio Setup” by John Gusayko, Managing Director of CreatiVoices Productions, last May 1.  This is for both established and aspiring voice over artists, to help them in setting up their own do-it-yourself (DIY) recording studio set-up at home. Since I have always had this dream to become a voice over artist myself, I grabbed the opportunity and signed up.
 The webinar far exceeded my expectations. I am not new to free webinars, so I was expecting it to be something very basic and just be a step towards an upsell later on.  But it turned out to be practically a masterclass on the topic, with John being very open to answering all sorts of questions from the group.
 We learned what makes a good sound, especially to the ears of potential clients and sound engineers.  We also became familiar about the actual materials and hardware that would help us soundproof our recording space, as well as the workarounds that we can do if we still don’t have enough budget for our home studio. It was also amusing to hear John break certain myths regarding home recording studios (hint: please do not bother with those egg trays anymore haha).
We were then oriented on everything we needed to know about microphones, such as the difference between a USB and an XLR mic, as well as good budget alternatives. Cables, as well as the difference between a USB interface and a USB mixer, were also discussed.  John also coached us on the type of headphones that would be best for our voice over recordings. 
We also learned about the right computer specifications to use and were also presented with a shortlist of recording software that we can use, that would suit our individual budget and needs. Lastly, we now understood principles involved in making a proper recording and how to make the post editing process work for us.
All of us got more than we expected.  But this goes beyond what we just learned during the webinar, which will now greatly help us improve in our craft as voice over artists.  For after the webinar, we were immediately organized and accepted as part of the CreatiVoices family by no less than the CEO himself, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. He met us online on May 3 and spent time talking to each of us, getting to know our strengths and also motivating us to further develop ourselves. We were then made to be part of different teams to help implement the projects that we discussed during the meeting, which will also hone our individual skills in the process. The rest of the CreatiVoices family continue to be supportive and welcoming to us to this day, and we will always be grateful for this.
Today, most of us continue to struggle with isolation. Some may feel alone despite being with their families, while others may even feel suffocated by it.  So it is refreshing to have a group of strangers embrace us during these challenging times, because that is what everyone is looking for right now - a safe space where one is allowed to just be himself/herself and be encouraged to grow. We are lucky to have such a space now, as part of the CreatiVoices family.
You still have the chance to improve your chances of breaking into the voice acting industry and be part of a loving support group that will push you to develop yourself. Attend the upcoming webinar “The Voice MasterClass: Voice from Home Webinar on Voice Acting”. Normally priced at 10,000 pesos, you can now get the chance to be mentored by the VoiceMaster himself, Pocholo Gonzales, along with respected broadcasting professional and voice over artist, Dennis Antenor, for only 1,000 pesos. You read that right, at 90% off. This is practically free because all proceeds will go to the project of JCI Makati, to help those affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Click on the link below if you want to become a better voice over artist, while making a difference in the life of someone struggling right now.

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