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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Voice from Home Webinar: How to Build a Home Recording Studio

Voice from Home official webinar poster with Sir Jeff "Vii" Gusayko 

CreatiVoices Productions launched "Voice from Home" last May 1! "Voice from Home" is an advocacy empowering voice talents who are recording from home.

It was a delight for voiceover artists and voice acting enthusiasts to attend a free webinar about how one can set up a home recording studio.

The Webinar 

The first-ever "Voice from Home" event gathered almost a hundred participants. Voice actors and talents huddled online to listen to CreatiVoices Managing Director Jeff “Vii” Gusayko.

His expertise in building a home recording studio setup was evident. Having been in the industry for many years now, Gusayko was the right guy to answer the free-flowing questions of eager and curious attendees.

Voice from Home Webinar participants pose for a groufie 

The Main Event

Participants were all ears to Gusayko. He explained the equipment necessary in building a home recording studio detail by detail. Though it was technical in nature, it was equally paired with the speaker's personal experiences in the industry.

The main goal is for the participants to put up a professional recording setup at home. Yet, Gusayko was straightforward that doing so may be financially demanding. But with enough understanding of recording acoustics, even beginners have an equal chance to compete.

He generously shared his knowledge about the topic. He busted common myths and shared affordable hacks that are useful for those who are seriously into the craft.

It was an afternoon of technical yet engaging conversation. The 5-hour webinar was more than comprehensive, it received positive feedback from its attendees.

In this modern-day and time, anybody can be a voiceover talent. But more than one's gift of voice and gab, there's one thing that sets a voice artist apart. A crisp and professional-sounding audio recording quality.

The Advocacy

Being the founder of CreatiVoices, this is Pocholo "The Voicemaster" Gonzales' way of reaching out to untapped potentials and maximizing voice talents from all over the Philippines. He aims to continue creating and providing opportunities to voice talents through "Voice from Home."

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