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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Creativoices Productions Conducts Professional Online Event Hosting Webinar

As part of their advocacy to promote e-learning as a new norm, Creativoices Productions and Voice Acting Project conducted their first webinar about online event hosting. FUN-damentals Online Professional Hosting was held via Zoom on May 28, 2020.

The event was hosted by Host Shane Cabardo and Papa Dax of RGMA Barangay FM 101.5. Jumpstarts Training and Development Founder, Kuyapas Dannes Serrano, served as the keynote speaker.

Serrano started by emphasizing “Lead, Learn, and Look Forward” as his goals for helping everyone learn about the fundamentals of professional online event hosting.

He pointed out the importance of the webinar, especially now that work from home has become the new norm because of the pandemic. With it, he hopes to motivate everyone to learn to host online events because traditional hosting has also shifted to web-based platforms.

When asked about what beginners should do during this season, Serrano said that the new currency in this new norm is to make an impact. “I advise you to make many exposures even if it’s free. Ang dapat mong gawin ngayon (What you need to do right now) is not to sell, but to give help.”

He added that having knowledge of online event hosting will bring a lot of opportunities. “You can now create your own webinar, vlogs, and shows because as a host you’re the one carrying the energy of the program,” he said.

However, Serrano pointed out that preparation is still the main key to be a professional online event host. “Anybody who is doing webinars will find it technically stressful especially when they are not prepared. Research is everything [in hosting], and you should be prepared especially sa mga pangyayari na hindi inaasahan (during unexpected circumstances),” he stated.

“The transition to online professional hosting is not easy. Kahit kami (Even us) [seasoned professional hosts] we failed a lot of times, we learned from our mistakes. And these things I’m sharing with you now are all brought from our experiences,” Serrano added.

Special gifts and surprises

As Serrano is also celebrating his birthday on the day of the webinar, the Voice Acting Project team set a surprise video greeting message for him. In it, Pocholo de Leon Gonzales, VoiceMaster of the Philippines, also gave his heartfelt message.

“I’m so proud of you my dear. Without you, hindi ko magagawa yung ginagawa natin ngayon (I won’t be able to do what we are doing right now). And with that, happy birthday brother! I love you so much and we will do it until forever,” Gonzales said.

Serrano gave a free copy of his e-book “FUN-DAMENTALS OF PROFESSIONAL ONLINE HOSTING” to all the participants of the webinar as a sign of his appreciation to all the blessings he had in life.

“I believed that we all came from a place of help. Dahil tayo po ay natulungan, tayo ay tutulong din (Since we had been helped by others, we should also help). I have my parents here, and I have Sir Pocholo here, ‘yan po ang mga mentors ko na tumulong sa akin (those are my mentors who helped me) to become who I am today,” Serrano shared.

“More than my skills and expertise, I would like to share with people my faith in God because my success brings me back to God which is the most important part of my life,” he added.

Serrano ended the webinar by asking the participants to join him in a prayer of acceptance as part of his birthday celebration.

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