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Monday, May 25, 2020

Are you looking for a new career or income opportunity for the "new normal"?

Are you struggling now, thinking of ways on how to thrive in the “new normal”? 

We are all affected one way or another because of the COVID-19 lockdown. You may have lost your job or have lessened your income potential. Yes, my friend, we are all feeling it, you are not alone.

But you may be asking, what else could you do to help support your income? What industry could you still enter into at this point?

This COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to learn how to let go of old beliefs and begin to have an open mind. It has shown us the importance of having the courage to embrace change. And the only way for change to happen is for you to try something that you’ve never done before. So, if you want a new income opportunity, you should be willing to do something new. And it can even be something that may not have even crossed your mind until you've come across this article.

You may have experienced teaching before, or come from the BPO/call center industry. You may have been a salesperson who loved presenting products/services to your clients. You may also have had theater acting experience in school or as a hobby. Or you may now be a TikTok video expert after using all that free time to keep you from dying out of boredom during this lockdown. And it doesn’t even matter if you haven’t experienced any of these yet. There's no particular work experience or educational background needed for you to enter this industry. Yet it has the potential to provide you with a good income and a profitable career. All you need is that one thing, that most of us are born with.

You use this to tell the jeepney or the Grab driver, “Sa tabi na lang po,”. You also use this when you hit your shin on the table and say, “Aray!”. You use this when you say, “I love you,” and it’s the same thing you utilize when you say, “Ayoko na.”. Let me stop here before I get any deeper into my “hugot”, but you get the drift. This is none other than (drumroll please), your VOICE. Yes, you can actually profit and make a good career out of this natural God-given ability.

Yes, there is money in voice acting.

“But can you REALLY make money out of using your voice?”, you may ask. The answer is a big YES. Many have already made a lucrative career out of voice acting. One can earn about 15,000 Php per voice acting project. Sometimes it can involve recording only a few easy lines, for which you get paid a cool 5,000 Php for a few minutes of “work”. A quick scan at Upwork even shows that some voice actors can even charge up to $100 per hour. And if you get to be the exclusive “voice” for a company, some projects can even go as high as 80,000 Php.

But how can you break into the industry as a newcomer? You can offer your services as a freelancer in sites such as Upwork and also be on the lookout for auditions. And don’t worry if you're a newbie at this point. Clients are now on the lookout for voice actors that don’t sound like announcers, so newcomers would have more chances of getting first-time gigs at this point.

If you want to secure your place in the industry, it is important is to practice, practice, and practice even more. As with any other skill that you would like to improve, there is no way around it but just do it. But how do you know if you’re doing it right? That’s where the importance of a good mentor comes in. Instead of doing it by trial and error, a good mentor will be able to guide you on what actually works, since he/she has already been there and done that. This saves you a lot of time, effort, money, and even helps you avoid having missed opportunities in the process. Luckily for us, the Philippines is home to such world-class training, in the person of The VoiceMaster, Pocholo Gonzales.

Key to Success: A Good Mentor

Voice acting has become synonymous with the name Pocholo Gonzales. One only needs to google his name to see that he is a titan in the voice acting industry. He has been a much sought-after voice director, trainer, and motivational speaker for more than 20 years. Pocholo now chooses to give back to the community, by mentoring aspiring voice artists to be better at their craft. This is the main reason why he established the Philippine Center for Voice Acting (PCVA) (now known as Voice Acting Academy Philippines), the first and only voice acting school in the country.

The school has conducted VoiceWorx, an intensive workshop covering voice acting, voice-over, and dubbing since 2005, paving the way for around 2,000 graduates to get a head start into the voice acting industry. Pocholo is proud to see his graduates make a name for themselves. Some of them are now his partners, acting as mentors themselves, helping The VoiceMaster in his quest to help more people become better voice actors, and even influence them to grow and maximize their potentials.

Unfortunately, PCVA has already conducted its last batch for VoiceWorx, Batch 50, last year. This is to take some time to further improve its curriculum and align it better with the current trends in the industry. With the COVID-19 scare, however, it may no longer be possible for the organization to resume holding workshops for the next 2 to 3 years. But don’t fret, Pocholo is not someone who will allow a roadblock to be a hindrance. True leaders see always see setbacks as opportunities, and this is exactly how Pocholo sees the current lockdown to be.

Voice Acting 101: Your Pocket Guide to Success

This gave birth to Voice Acting 101, an e-book that would help equip both aspiring and established voice artists to improve their craft. Moreover, it would teach readers how to continue with their voice acting careers from home. This includes the basics of setting up a home studio, working with what you have, the principles involved in recording voice clips, taking care of your voice, how to stand out in the voice acting industry, and so much more.

Since Pocholo wants to help more people become better voice artists from home, he wants the e-book to be accessible to everyone. For only 499 Php or the price of one fast-food meal with friends, you will now have the chance to build a potentially profitable voice acting career from home.

For a limited time, he will also throw in his bestselling book, Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent, for FREE.

Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent bagged the Best Book on Professions award during the 36th National Book Awards. This organized by the National Book Development Board and the Manila Critics Circle in 2017. It is the first book on voice acting written for Filipinos. It provides the reader with a roadmap on how to build a thriving career in the voice acting industry. It also inspires readers to view voice acting as an art and to use it to make a positive change not only to the community but to the whole country as well.

Pocholo is the only Filipino to have contributed a chapter in James Alberger’s book The Art of Voice Acting, considered the bible for voice artists all over the world. He contributed the entry on The Art of Foreign Language ADR, and was introduced in the book as the leading voice acting figure in the Philippines.

It is quite obvious that you are getting more than your money’s worth with this limited offer. Two great books that could help shift your income and career for the better in these challenging times. From the author that has helped influence thousands to maximize their potential and reach their dreams. One amazing deal. 499 Php for 2 great books instead of one.

All you need to do is subscribe to The VoiceMaster’s YouTube channel and like the Facebook pages of the Voice Acting Academy, Voice From Home, and CreatiVoices Productions. Details will be posted on these social media channels later, so make sure to like these pages and be one of the first to secure your slot for this amazing deal.

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